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    Honestly, the only nn I think of is either Susan or Suzie when I hear Susannah. I know several Annie's and to me, Susannah is a bit of a stretch. (However, I'm fairly traditional, so if you're not, then go with it!)

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    I love Zuzu. Enough that I almost really want to use Susanna.

    But as for your other question...I actually think Anna or Annie would totally work. It's really natural, since 'Anna' is in the name.
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    I actually think the simple Sue is an elegant and underused nn option.
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    I personally Love Suzie for a nn for Susannah. (it's my favorite) I think Annie would be fine as well as Anna, Hanna, Sannie, Zuzu, Zuzi, & Suz. Susannah is beautiful by itself too!

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