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    Well, my dad has never tried to name one of my babies (which must be because they have such awesome names). But, AFTER my sister gave birth to her son and announced his name was Alexander my dad tried to sell her on Eric. So much for the if you keep your name a secret everyone will keep their dislike of the name quiet.
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    Bethany Lenae & Bethany Lenore are both beautiful names! She has good taste.

    I didnt have anyone suggest names when I was pregnant with my twins but this time around they've been saying the odd one. My mum was saying that she loves the names Vaughn, Luca, Frankie & Twain for boys (which is what I'm having.) She did say that they might be a little 'too normal' for me and laughed so I think she knows I wont use them! I do like Twain, though. It's cute.

    PS: Just adding that Persephone Elysia Willow is stunning! I'm kinda jealous of your baby, it's so beautiful!
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    After lunch one day, my coworkers announced they had named my baby: Alexander. I disagreed, but I thought it was funny because Alexandra is my mother's middle name. Alexander and Alexandra have been on my long list since I was old enough to hold a pencil and write one.
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    My grandmother mentioned Judith repeatedly, insulted my entire list until I started to refuse to talk names with anyone.
    My grandfather surprised me by suggesting Cynthia & Yolanda! I figured he would go for something more mainstream. He said he had just always liked the sound of those two and you don't hear them very often!

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    My dad has suggested the name Jaycee for both of my girls! I am 25 wks pregnant with another girl and now he suggests Delaney lol he says it would go great with our daughter Delilah. But, that leaves out our other daughters, Piper and Isabell lol! He hates every name I suggest! It drives me crazy! He says Cordelia is ugly, Eden sounds like a stripper name and when I said I liked Miranda, he said "You have the right to remain silent..." I love my daddy, but I hate even talking about baby names around him! Ugh!!

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