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  • Daisy Luna

    12 33.33%
  • Daisy Madeline

    24 66.67%
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    While I do love Luna I think paired with Daisy and as a sister for Amelie Clara, Daisy Madeline is the better fit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Daisy Madeline looks and sounds better to me. I'm all for putting guilty pleasure names in the middle spot but Daisy Luna sounds too cutesy.
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    Daisy Luna seems to be missing a little something. If you love Luna but don't think it works stylistically with Amelie, Clara and Daisy, would Luana appeal to you? Daisy Luana would be sweet, or Amelie Clara and Luana Daisy would be pretty if you're not 100% set on Daisy as a first name.
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    I like both, but prefer Daisy Madeline. Daisy Luna match with Amelie Clara. They both have -ee and -a endings.
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    I love Luna, it's on my list for a first name, I voted for Daisy Luna because I love both names but the fluidity of the combo isn't as *there* as it is in Daisy Madeline. Luna is a really hard name to find a middle or first name for, but it's still beautiful.
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