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Thread: Which 'S' name?

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    Sylvia Eugenie nn Sylvie is the winner for me. Susannah just rubs me the wrong way, but I really like Sylvia.

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    I like Sylvia and Sylvie over Susannah - when they're considered strictly on their own. When you put it all together and think about them with the middle name Eugenie and the sibling Phoebe, then Susannah wins hands down. To my ear, Sylvie Eugenie is just very harsh and doesn't flow, same for Sylvie and Phoebe. But Susannah (and it's nn's) work in both of those cases so it's a good alternative!

    I too prefer Margo over all of them but I understand why you've lost some interest in it! Good luck!

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    Thanks for all of your replies. A lot of you have said what I have been thinking: Susannah is the best with Phoebe and middle name, but Sylvie is a little more exciting on her own. I really go back and forth between the two, and the "Phoebe and Sylvie" set bothers me sometimes, and then not so much. A few have asked what nn we would call Susannah. I think we would go with the full name generally, and maybe Sunny as the occasional nn. It's interesting that no one really mentioned Blythe. That was our pick when I miscarried about a year ago. I still like it, but again, it's lost a little specialness in the process. It seems that no on else thinks it's up to snuff with the other names either. Any other suggestions? I like classic but quirky, no frills, happy sounding names.

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    I love, love, love Phoebe and tried my best to get my hubby on board. I can see why it's hard to find a sister name! I also seriously considered Margo (with or without the t). Although I like Blythe, she kind of blends into the background next to Phoebe imo.
    I do not prefer Sylvia/Sylvie over Susannah. I see many of the same characteristics in Phoebe and Susannah: immediately recognizable but somewhat unexpected, happy-sounding, fitting on various ages and professions, etc. And Sunny is adorable! One reason I hesitate is the -ee nicknames next to Phoebe which already has plenty of that sound. I wonder if you should consider alternate endings, or if you naturally are drawn to those and would come back in the end. Margo deserves another consideration I think, the spunky, happy sounds, not frilly but decidedly feminine work well with Phoebe. And they'd have the O in common which is cute.
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    Of your choices I like Susannah Eugenie the best. It has tons of lovely fun nn's including your Sunny.

    Sylvia/Sylvie is cute, but still feels rough around the edges to me--like Gloria or Stella or Sybil.

    My personal pick with Phoebe would be Bianca.
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