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Thread: Rosebud?

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    What do we all think of this as a middle name? I was toying around with variants of my middle name and the childish, loving nickname my mother always gave me (and *cough* still does *cough*) came to mind.

    What do we all think of this as a potential middle name?

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    That's so funny, i just posted on another thread about one of the names on my gp list- Eulalie Rosebud! I love it, i think it is a very usable middle name. Obviously its more literal than most of the other Rose names but i think that's fine. I actually prefer it to a lot of botanical names, it has a softness like no other. It might make some people think of Citizen Kane but thats not a bad thing; it makes me think of the Ryan Adams song Rosebud which is beautiful. Yep, i'm all for it!
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    There is an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show where their son asks what his middle name is. They are embarrassed to tell him that it is Rosebud (it turns out it is an acronym for all the names their families wanted them to use). Embarrasing for a boy, but I think it is cute for a girl

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    Bostonsavvy, that's exactly what I thought of too...Ritchie Rosebud, lol.

    So there's that and there's Citizen Kane...but for a girl in the middle spot, it's useable.
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    I like Rosebud as a middle name.
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