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    Thanks for the response/info Whit!

    Malk - how many rounds did it take for your baby?
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    I was on Clomid and am now pregnant with a singlton. First round of 50mg didn't work for me so the second two tries were 100mg. I didn't have as many ultrasounds as whit but when I did have them my doctor saw 7-8 follicles open and she said it looked perfect. She is very anti-multiples so I feel like she would have said something if she thought I would have had lots of babies in one shot haha

    Good luck! Don't forget to take care of yourself through this time. I felt really terribly on Clomid so don't hesitate to ask your hubby for some help
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    I know several people who've taken Clomid and none have had twins. There is an increased risk of multiples but I think it's in the order of about 8% - worth thinking about but not getting too excited about!
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    I know a few women who have taken Clomid to fall pregnant, only one of them has had twins and she was on a very high dose
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    3rd month of trying. Not sure what dose I was on, but as it was just through my GP and not my fertility specialist, I'm guessing 50mg.
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