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    Slavic girls names that work with trendy boys names?

    So I love European names, particularly those of German, Russian, Romanian or Bulgarian origin on little girls. But I have an affinity for trendy boys names.
    Some examples:
    Ronan nn Ro (Top choice, I am pretty unmoving on this one, maybe when the time comes I'll use it as a middle name.)
    Jonas (I know its too sing-song-y with Ronan)

    So this proves to be a problem because I love long, romantic, frilly girls names:
    Angelina (I know its not strictly European; but its quite popular where my family is from.)
    Nikolina (This would work to honour a loved one who passed away. It's growing on me.)
    Rayna (Could work to honour a family member. I really like it. But the alliteration would be annoying.)
    This isn't all of them, but just some that come to mind.

    So any suggestions on how to make Slavic/European girls names work with trendy boy's names would be greatly appreciate! Thanks Berries!
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