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    I also saw a little boy Maiden on a hospital we nursery a few years back. That seems
    mom of
    Seth Gabriel, Leah Gabrielle, Isaac Curtis, and Ruby Anastasia

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    I met a girl today named Lashawntadee and I immediately came to find this thread haha. UTAH NAMES.

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    Not as bad as a lot of the one's on here, but just ran into a woman planning on naming her son Fenn, because she didn't like the look of "Finn", but fell in love with the name on adventure time (Short for Fennigan, of course).

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    I heard the name Charisma once. When her dad was calling for her, I was taken back. It's an off the wall name in my opinion and NMS. There was a girl who is older than me who went to the same school, her name was Cinnamon Candy.

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    I was told that there were twin girls that went to school with my parents. It was bad enough that their last name was Pigg. But their full names were: Ima Pigg and Ura Pigg. I don't know how parents could do that to their children.

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