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    Adelaide, Penelope, or Felicity?

    Afternoon berries! Crushing on these three names lately and want to get some thoughts. Also, I want to make sure these three names go well with her big sisters names, Violet and Eloise, since they seem to share a lot of the same sounds.

    Adelaide (nn Della) - can Addie be avoided for the most part? Think this will get very popular? Too close to Eloise for sisters? I find this sweet and vintage!

    Penelope (nn Nellie) - can penny be avoided for the most part? Sounds ok with Eloise? Adore this one and doesn't seem to be getting as popular as expected.

    Felicity (nn's Liss and Lissy) - I don't mind the nn's...I don't love them either. Adore the full name though and meaning.

    genevieve - recently added! Nn Nev/Nevi or Vivi

    Possibly would go with mn Pearl but not sure as it seems to be getting popular as a mn. Definitely some sort of nature inspired middle though. Oh & not pregnant again, just having some fun with names for the future. Thanks!
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    Love all three of these names. Penelope and Felicity are on my short list for a girl. I agree about the nicknames for Felicity, but it is still in my top 3 because I love the full name and the meaning as well. Penelope is lovely, and I think it would be easy to avoid Penny. My son Alexander goes by Xander. Whenever people call him Alex, he just says, "I go by Xander" or "I go by Alexander." It hasn't been an issue, really. Adelaide would also be on my list, but I already have a Madelyn, so I can't have an Adelaide.
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    I love all three names but the only nickname I really like of these is Della. All three sound pretty good with Pearl IMO.

    Felicity feels a little more modern to me than the other two. So I think I'd vote for Adelaide nn Della.
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    I love all three, but I have a Penelope so I have to go with that as my favorite
    We call her Nell/ one has ever called her Penny. But we have been calling her Nell pretty much since the day she was born, so Penny has never really been "out there". I think as long as you start early, you shouldn't have a problem!
    Oh and her middle name is also nature inspired -- Juniper. We also considered Magnolia, Violet, Linnea and Willow.
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    Thanks! Loove Adelaide and Della is just so adorable. Wonder if it sounds ok with big sis Eloise? I think it works. Penelope is another favorite of mine. Worry a bit that Nellie is close to Elle ( For Eloise). Hmmm. Still really like it though. And Felicity does feel more modern and I want old fashioned. Plus the nn's aren't my favorite. Still it has such a nice meaning and great as a full name so I still really like that one too . Love Juniper as a mn for all three, great suggestion. Magnolia is awesome too. As is Willow
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