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    Baby boy Townsend?

    Redacted for privacy
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    I think Townsend is great ... go for it
    Mom to Claire Roseline (3) and Ross Thomas (1)
    Expecting #3 in August

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    If Townsend has special meaning for your family, then I think you have your winner! It's more surnamey than I like but as long as your surname isn't a familiar boys name (eg. Lawrence, Thomas), then it should be ok. Personally, The fn and ln sounding like they're inside-out is MORE important than the fn and mn. I don't like mn's ending in "d" with Townsend so I would eliminate Marc, Gerhard and Arnold. Townsend Frederick would be my pick.
    All the best,

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    Thanks for the input
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    hi lineylou,
    i am sorry to say this but I prefer Townsend as a mn.
    It sounds great with all three of the names you two like
    Fredrick Townsend
    Jonas Townsend
    Edmund Townsend
    all sound great.
    Or maybe a variation of Townsend that would still honor it.. unfortunately i am not very creative to think of any but some of the berries are just fantastic at this kinda thing
    good luck

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