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    International flight with toddler

    Hello my fellow Mom Berries! I am hoping that someone else here has had the pleasure (ehem, torture) of flying cross-Atlantic with a very rambunctious 14 month old and can pass on their survival tips. DS and I will be taking a 14 hour flight from Europe back to my hometown in the PNW SOLO. Unfortunately due to flight schedules, we will be airplane constrained during non nap or bedtime, which I anticipate only compounding DS's inability to sit still. I did not purchase DS his own seat so he will be sitting on my lap.

    Has anyone survived a lengthy plane ride with a toddler? What helped to keep them from driving your fellow passengers crazy? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat on the iPad? New toys? A window seat? Whiskey? (For mom only of course) ... Any ideas/suggestions would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance!
    D.S. lil Bam Bam

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