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Thread: CAF (My family)

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    LN: Smith

    DH: Davis
    DW: Meredith Lydia

    DD1: Laurel Abigail
    DD2: Penelope Lila
    DS1: Malone Drake
    DS2: Carter Tate
    DS3: Declan Clark

    LN: Reilly

    DH: Patrick William
    DW/DD1: Laurel Abigail

    DD: Kerrigan Leigh
    -DBF: Lucas Porter (Luke)
    --DGd: Emme Rose
    DD: Lilly Fiona
    -DBF: Christian Jon
    DS: Nathan Patrick (Nate)

    LN: Price

    DH: Jack Spencer
    DW/DD2: Penelope Lila

    DD/DS: Katherine Belle (Kate) /Blake Kenneth

    LN: Smith

    DH/DS1: Malone Drake
    DW: Nicolette Emily (Nico)

    DD: Emerson Sadie
    DD: Eloise Noelle
    LN: Smith

    DH/DS2: Carter Tate
    DW: Juliette Olivia

    DS: Natalie Claire
    DD: Pierce James
    DD: Ian Travis
    DS: Asher John
    LN: Smith

    DH/DS3: Declan Clark
    DW: Alexandra Brielle (Allie)

    DD: Addison Delaney (Addie)
    DS: Mason Derek (Mase)
    DD/DS: Mattison Delia (Mattie) /Anderson Daniel (Anders)

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    LN: Savage

    DH: Duncan Savage
    DW: Mia Louise Savage

    DD1: Lillian Abigail Savage "Lilly"
    DD2: Phoebe Lorraine Savage
    DS1: Morgan Daniel Savage
    DS2: Chandler Thomas Savage
    DS3: Dean Charles Savage

    Duncan & Mia + Lilly, Phoebe, Morgan, Chandler & Dean
    LN: Ramsay

    DH: Porter Wade Ramsay
    DW/DD1: Lillian Abigail Ramsey "Lilly"

    DD: Katherine Lane Ramsay "Kate"
    -DBF: Lucas Peter "Luke"
    --DGd: Anneliese Marie "Annie"
    DD: Luna Faith Ramsay
    -DBF: Chance Jameson
    DS: Nicolai Patrick Ramsay "Nicky"

    Porter & Lilly + Kate & Luke + Annie, Luna & Chance, & Nicky.
    LN: Prather

    DH: Jedidiah Samuel Prather "Jed"
    DW/DD2: Phoebe Lorraine Prather

    DD/DS: Karla Beatrice Prather & Benjamin Knox Prather "Ben"

    Jed & Phoebe + Karla & Ben
    LN: Savage

    DH/DS1: Morgan Daniel Savage
    DW: Natalia Elizabeth Samuels "Nate"

    DD: Eliza Sage Samuels
    DD: Emmeline Nicole Samuels "Emmy"

    Morgan & Nate + Eliza & Emmy
    LN: Savage

    DH/DS2: Chandler Thomas Savage
    DW: Juliana Olive Savage "Jules"

    DS: Nolan Carter Savage
    DD: Piper Jane Savage
    DD: Ivy Theresa Savage
    DS: Atticus James Savage

    Chandler & Jules + Nolan, Piper, Ivy & Atticus
    LN: Savage

    DH/DS3: Dean Charles Savage
    DW: Alba Blaine Savage

    (All FNs end in "SON")
    DD: Anderson Delia Savage "Andi"
    DS: Masterson Dean Savage
    DD/DS: Millerson Dorothy Savage "Miller" & Addison David Savage

    Dean & Alba + Andi, Masterson, Miller and Addison

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    98% of the time I'm thinking about naming pets after fictional characters.

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Daniel Soria.
    DW: Melissa Leigh Soria.

    DD1: Laura Antoinette Soria.
    DD2: Piper Loretta Soria.
    DS1: Michael Dillon Soria.
    DS2: Cameron Thomas Soria.
    DS3: Dane Christopher Soria.

    DH: Peter William Real.
    DW/DD1: Laura Antoinette Real.

    DD: Kelsey Lara Real.
    -DBF: Leonardo Philip Huesca.
    --DGD: Hazel Marie Huesca.
    DD: Lana Francesca Real.
    -DBF: Carlos Juan León.
    DS: Nathan Phillip Real.

    DH: John Stephen Palencia.
    DW/DD2: Piper Loretta Palencia.

    DD/DS: Katherine Brie Palencia/Benjamin Kyle Palencia.

    DH/DS1: Michael Dillon Soria.
    DW: Natasha Elizabeth Soria.

    DD: Emma Sophia Soria.
    DD: Ella Natalie Soria.
    DH/DS2: Cameron Thomas Soria.
    DW: Jordan Olivia Soria.

    DS: Noel Christian Soria.
    DD: Paige Juliet Soria.
    DD: Isabelle Therese Soria.
    DS: Ashton James Soria.
    DH/DS3: Dane Christopher Soria.
    DW: Alyssa Beatrice Soria.

    DD: Addison Deirdre Soria.
    DS: Mason Dean Soria.
    DD/DS: Madison Danielle Soria/Anderson Damian Soria.

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    LN: Stine

    DH: Douglas "Doug"
    DW: Mildred Loretta "Millie"

    DD1: Lissa Anne
    DD2: Penny Loretta
    DS1: Marshall Douglas
    DS2: Caleb Theodore
    DS3: Donovan Chance

    LN: Ramirez

    DH: Pablo William
    DW/DD1: Lissa Anne

    DD: Keeley Larissa
    -DBF: Liam Phillip
    --DGd:Jayden Lynn
    DD: Lana Faith
    -DBF: Christopher James "Chris"
    DS: Nathaniel Peyton "Nathan"

    LN: Phillips

    DH: Jared Seth
    DW/DD2: Penny Loretta

    DD/DS: Kenna Bailey/Brayden Kenneth

    LN: Stine

    DH/DS1: Marshall Douglas
    DW: Nicole Elizabeth "Nic"

    DD: Everly Shea
    DD: Ember Noelle
    LN: Stine

    DH/DS2: Caleb Theodore
    DW: Joy Olive

    DS: Nelson Caleb
    DD: Polly Joy
    DD: Ida Taylor
    DS: Abel Jack
    LN: Stine

    DH/DS3: Donovan Chance
    DW: Abigal Brenda

    DD: Addison Danielle "Addie"
    DS: Mason Daniel
    DD/DS: Madison Donae/Axson Darrell

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