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    1900s Character Names

    Soooo, since the story I've been working on for months has reached a standstill, I'm working on short stories to keep my mind busy. I'm on a roll with one, but I've managed to plan the whole story without much thought to character names. Help, please?

    It's set 1900-1910. The more I plan it, the more I see parallels with Jane Eyre. Basically, man of the house runs off with the children's nurse in the end

    - The leading guy, Mr Chapman, 35. Need a strong name for this chap who's put up with a lot of cr@p in his life. Sam, David, Andrew? Nothing feels right :/

    - His wife, Mrs Chapman, 33. Increasingly distant, cold, unfeeling. Slightly mad. Ultra religious.

    - The daughters, 12, 10, 9. A nasty and malicious bunch.

    - The 'Jane Eyre' nurse, 29. She's not a plain Jane though. A feisty young lady.

    If you get a feeling for names for any of this lot, please share! Thank you

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