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    Quote Originally Posted by teacherma View Post
    I prefer Anton Grey of the two, but I love the family reasons behind Leo. Any possibility of using Leo and Anton together? Leo Anton or Anton Leo (as pp suggested).

    (Also, I'm so curious about what given name belonged to your grandfather, Leo. Would you be willing to share it?)
    I never thought of using Leo and having Anton Leo instead of Grey. I definitely like that combo as well and it is representing both sides.

    His name was Aloysius. He was given the name after Saint Aloysius which was an Italian aristocrat who became a member of the Society of Jesus. And while still a student at the Roman College, he died as a result of caring for the victims of an epidemic. I find that very interesting about the Saint since my grandfather was a very caring, loving, selfless person and very much into faith. Plus serving his country you have to care for others around you in terrible times.

    Also Back then people could not pronounce names at all. Just like how our family members last names were changed when they arrive at Ellis Island. I have no idea where his fellow army mates came up with Leo but that is what I always knew him as other than Poppy lol
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    Anton Grey or Anton Leo would both be great! IMO Anton is an underused gem in the US (more common in some northern European countries I think). To me, it's a friendly, worldly, intelligent and down-to-earth kind of name.
    Personally, I'd cut Maverick, as it's one of my least favorite names ever (I think it is my #1 least favorite from any names in the top 500 most common). Doesn't hold up next to the awesomeness of Anton and Leo (or Grey- which isn't in the same awesome-caliber range as Anton or Leo in my book, but is solid nonetheless, and does work well in the middle spot, especially with Anton)

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    I much prefer Anton Leo... Anton is manly and classic, and will grow up well. The family meaning will also make it special. The story behind Leo makes it a great pick. Maverick is extremely trendy, and seems so much better on a child than on a full-grown man. I can't see it growing up as well... Grey is ok, but is also becoming a bit of a trendy choice. Personally, I think using names that have meaning to your family is much better... then your son will have great stories and a sense of connection to his ancestors through his name. That's a very special thing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett13001 View Post

    Also Back then people could not pronounce names at all.
    Exactly! This happened a great deal in my family too (especially in the Polish and Italian lines), which is why I was curious to see how close to the original it was. For example, my great-grandmother was Annunziata, and became Nancy. Bronislava became Bertha. Liboria became Lillian. And somehow, Flaminio became Flemming and Calogero became James.
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    I vote for Leo Anton or Anton Leo (I like the name Leo better for the fn, but Anton Leo does flow better.)

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