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Thread: Gatsby

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    Hi everyone,

    I saw The Great Gatsby last weekend and was inspired. I think Gatsby could be a nice name on a boy. What do you all think? Is it just ridiculous or could I be on to something?


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    I think it would be an odd choice. As a name, it's tied closely to the Fitzgerald character, and Jay Gatsby is somewhat of a problematic namesake.
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    I think unless the parents were fans of the book it's a bit odd to me. And most people will assume that the parents know the book, not just the movie.

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    I find it to be pretentious. The name only has one, very well-known association (which is not a particularly positive one, in my mind).

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    Gatsby is not the most honorable namesake, and I'm surprised that anyone who has seen the film would actually want to use the name. I haven't seen the film, of course, so maybe it does not portray the book too accurately.

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