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Thread: Duncan

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    My husband is on a kick for Duncan. I like it, not fabulously in love with it but I'm not fabulously in love with anything at this point.

    My biggest concern is the coffee shop connection, as we live in New England and Dunkin Donuts are absolutely everywhere.

    My other slight concern is the no real nickname issue. Can you all think of something besides Dunc, Dune or Duke?

    Sibling name is Liam. Thank you in advance.

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    Duncan is a handsome and dashing Scottish name that I've grown to love. It's bristling with sophistication and energy. Personally, I wouldn't let a coffee shop name stop me from using it. Duncan was here long before Dunkin's Donuts. I think Liam and Duncan would be wonderful together. Duke would be a cool nn for a Duncan.
    All the best,

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    I really don't like any of the obvious nicknames: Dunc, Dune and Duke, as I stated above. I was wondering if perhaps there was something I may have been missing.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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    My little brother's name is Duncan. It's a great name, and the Dunkin Donuts reference, while annoying, is definitely not the end of the world. Everyone on his football team calls him 'Donut,' but who cares? He doesn't.

    We don't use a nickname for him. It's two syllables, a nickname is unnecessary. Duncan stands fine on its own, just like Liam does.

    There's nothing wrong with not having a nickname, something that tends to get overlooked on this site. I get the appeal of it, but neither of my brothers go by nicknames, my mother doesn't, I only do because it's an easy derivative (Celia for Cecilia) and I don't ask people to use it, my grandmother, her sister, my aunt, my uncle... SO many people don't go by nicknames. It's cute, but some names just don't need them.

    Duncan is too awesome to shorten.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    I love Duncan and agree that it really doesn't need shortening!

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