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    Aug 2011
    Texas, USA
    Aubrey - G
    Logan - B
    Riley - B
    Cameron -B
    Jamie - G (When it's used as a full name)
    Tyler - B
    Jordan- G
    Peyton -G
    Dylan - B
    Avery - G
    Kendall - G
    Lane - B
    Ainsley - G
    Rowan - G
    Sage - B
    Ryan - B
    Cadence - G
    Eliott - B
    Parker - B
    Drew - B
    Kennedy - G
    Morgan - B
    Reece - B (I like this spelling and Rhys for boys and Reese for girls)
    Alex - B (When it's used as a full name)
    Harper - G
    Ashley - G
    Casey - G
    Blair - B
    Quinn - B
    Kerry - G
    Mom to N
    Malcolm, Tristan, Aaron, Garrett, Vincent, Clark, Euan, Thaddeus, Eli or Elias, Wesley, Peter, Nathaniel
    Iris, Bridget, Bonnie, Averill, Petra, Saige, Catherine, Yvette, Viviana, Romilly, Martha, Gillian, Grace

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    Northwest US
    Aubrey- Girl
    Logan- Boy
    Riley- Boy
    Cameron- Girl (Camren)
    Jamie- Girl
    Jordan- Boy
    Peyton- Boy
    Dylan- Girl
    Avery- Girl
    Kendall- Girl
    Lane- Girl
    Ainsley- Girl
    Rowan- Girl
    Sage- Girl
    Ryan- Boy
    Cadence- Girl
    Eliott- Girl
    Parker- Girl
    Drew- Boy
    Kennedy- Girl
    Morgan- Boy
    Reece- Boy (Rhys)
    Alex- Boy
    Harper- Girl
    Ashley- Girl
    Casey- Boy, boy, boy!
    Blair- Girl
    Quinn- Boy
    Kerry- Boy
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    Midwestern USA
    Aubrey ~girl
    Logan ~boy
    Riley ~boy
    Cameron ~boy
    Jamie ~girl
    Tyler ~boy
    Jordan ~equally on both
    Peyton ~equally on both
    Dylan ~boy
    Avery ~girl
    Kendall ~girl
    Lane ~boy
    Ainsley ~girl
    Rowan ~boy
    Sage ~boy
    Ryan ~boy
    Cadence ~girl
    Eliott ~boy
    Parker ~boy
    Drew ~boy (but, I like Dru for a girl)
    Kennedy ~girl
    Morgan ~girl
    Reece ~girl (as well as Reese, but like Rhys for a boy)
    Alex ~equally on both
    Harper ~girl
    Ashley ~girl
    Casey ~equally on both
    Blair ~girl
    Quinn ~girl
    Kerry ~boy (prefer Keri for a girl)

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    Vancouver, Canada
    Aubrey - girl
    Logan - boy
    Riley - boy
    Cameron - boy
    Jamie - girl
    Tyler - boy
    Jordan - boy
    Peyton - girl
    Dylan - boy
    Avery - boy
    Kendall - girl
    Lane - boy
    Ainsley - girl
    Rowan - boy
    Sage - girl
    Ryan - boy
    Cadence - girl
    Eliott - girl, actually
    Parker - boy
    Drew - boy
    Kennedy - boy
    Morgan - girl
    Reece - girl, prefer Reese
    Alex - boy
    Harper - girl
    Ashley - girl
    Casey - girl
    Blair - girl
    Quinn - girl
    Kerry - boy

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