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    I'm falling in love with Jem as a nickname for James.

    Problem is, I know 2 little Jemma's (not sure if they're spelled with G or J, to be honest)

    Do you think it's too girly?

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    I don't know, I see your problem. I don't think its too girly, but people's minds will go straight to Jem from TKAM. I think Jem is fine for a boy.

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    I really like Jem for James. I think of Jem from To Kill A Mockingbird...(I think the character's full name was Jeremy though). However, as kid of the 80s, I also think of the cartoon girl rocker JEM. So, I think it could be used for boys or girls kinda like Ash or Sam.

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    80's girl myself, I do think of the cartoon. But Jem reminds me more of Anne's son from the Anne of Green Gables books. He was a James Matthew I believe. I really don't find it feminine at all, in spite of the cartoon.
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