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    I'll just throw some out there...sorry for repeats; I only skimmed pps.

    Corisande Lavender (I pronounce the 'e' at the end)
    Coralia Blossom
    Acacia Willow
    Saskia Bluebell
    Wilhelmina Petal
    Seraphina Ocean/e
    Melisande Tulip (again with the 'e')
    Forsythia Echo
    Gardenia Breeze
    Sapphira Ember
    Philomena Bloom
    Melantha Sonnet
    Carlotta Allaire
    Ithaca Opal
    Junia Sunflower
    Elowen Cerise
    Delilah Eclipse
    Ivy Daydream
    Zinnia Windsong
    Eliora Fable
    Zella Trinity
    Tallulah Harp
    Azalea Heart
    Mink Viola
    Bay Fiammetta
    Phoebe Butterfly
    Daphne Otter
    Cheshire Faye
    Delphine Odette
    Jane Swan
    Alessandra Meadow
    Cora Seaflower
    Juneau Magnolia

    Hope you found something you liked!

    In the meantime, here's some threads that might give you some ideas:!
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    Loving all the combos you put together! I appreciate it. I also appreciate the forums you posted along for me to look at. Picking a girls name is going to be the death of me. Our boy combos were so simple and easy. I just hope the boyfriend likes some of these. He is more hesitant to be as adventurous as I am not.
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    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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