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    Can you get her a gift certificate for a mani or pedi (or both?) New mom will feel so special that someone wants to do something for HER, since all of her time, resources, and even her body are going to be belonging to her little one soon. New mom will feel like a million bucks getting something done to pamper herself.

    In that same (non-budget braking) style: A gift certificate for ice cream, a nice-smelling hand cream, a pair of fuzzy socks or slippers, a cozy PJ top, a pretty, colorful cup with a straw for guzzling water (assuming she'll nurse), gift card for a coffee, a back massage by you (massages are always winners!), babysitting for an hour or two so she can take a rest...

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    baby socks! Newborns in October need socks and don't keep them on. I got lots of cute ones for my DD but was driven mad by trying to find the mates for them (they hide everywhere in the laundry-in sleeves, pant legs, other socks etc). Next time around I am going to buy 20 pairs of the same ones (I like ones that look like little mary janes for girls or sneakers for boys), so that when my babe drops, throws or or loses a sock (which happened a lot in my house) I have another matching one that is ready to go.
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    Any household help would probably be greatly appreciated:
    - laundry
    - dishes
    - meal preparation

    After awhile (how long is totally an individual thing) babysitting so she can get out for a few hours would probably be welcome. Or even coming over to watch the baby while she naps could also be very helpful.

    As for needs of the baby, here are some tutorials for things that I wanted to do for my own kids but didn't have the time...
    burp cloths (b/c you need TONS):
    baby outfit made from adult t-shirt:
    (What I love about that one is that you can make it from any old shirt or one that has particular meaning to your family
    baby shoes from scrap fabric:

    One thing to think about is that as a new mom you get a lot of stuff for newborns but it can actually be nice to get a few things for a slightly older baby. Babies grow so quickly in the beginning that they will grow out of all the newborn stuff quite quickly. If you are going to put a lot of time into making something, or finding a unique gift it is worth considering trying to target it for maybe 6-18 months. Even if you 'only' do a cute onesie, it will stand out if it is in a bigger size.

    Good luck!
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    One of my male friends was a stylist. So for the baby shower, he put together a pampering basket for me! Hand treatments, hair treatments to prevent fallout, cremes, nice polish, etc. It was awesome!
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    A soft, easy-to-wear gown for mom & album of modern music (coldplay, etc) lullabys from iTunes. Mom can relax and enjoy music she knows in lullaby form. These were the two best unique gifts I received

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