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Thread: Lucy vs. Louisa

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    While I'm partial to Lucy (my nn), I think either of these work well with Annabelle and Charlotte, so either one would be fine. Any way you'd consider Lucinda Charlotte with the nn Lucy or Luci? I think this is the best combination and is lovely with Annabelle!

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    I love the name Lucy so Lucy Charlotte gets my vote!
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    I voted for Louisa, which IMO is so much prettier and more feminine! I naturally say loo-eez-ah so to say it otherwise I would have to make an effort, but either way it's a lovely name. Lucy seems really nicknamey to me. Also, using Louisa gives you the option of using either, or even both. Both go well with Charlotte though.
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    Louisa Charlotte is adorable! I like it so much more than Lucy Charlotte! I say Loo-ee-zah. I think it goes better with Annabelle Rose too.

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    I like Lucy Charlotte. Louisa Charlotte kind of runs together when I say it out loud and I simply like the name Lucy better. I don't think Lucy and Louisa are in the same category of names - they are very different to me. I know Louisa tends to be a favorite on nameberry, but the "Louise" beginning of Louisa still comes across as very dated to me.

    Lucy and Annabelle make a cute sibset.

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