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    It's a shame about Amber's negative connotations. I have always liked it. I like amber jewellery and actress Amber Tamblyn. So there are two things that are positive.

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    I don't like Amber, sorry. I love the stone, but the name sounds low class.

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    First thing that came to mind was the song. The first Amber I knew was not rude nor a stripper so I don't really have negative associations with this name.

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    When i first think of Amber i think of ditzy, shopaholic. Maybe subliminally i picked that up from Clueless, i don't know. Then i think of the girls I have known named Amber, and they have all been great people. One was named Amberly but she is brilliant. One of the smartest, passionate, hard working people i know. She was working in a doctors office when she was only 16. 0_o I have a new friend named Amber who is very detail oriented. She is nice, and smart. I haven't known a bad Amber.
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