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    mjc7709 - Thank you! I am nervous about having four kids. But, my oldest will be in full time 1st grade and my youngest will be in preschool at least 2 or 3 days a week, leaving me to focus on the babies for a pretty significant amount of the time. I am completely anxious about so many things, but I'm trying to remain as optimistic as possible.

    Blade - Horray! I am so glad everything went well and that you have a possible tiny girl human. I have loved being mom to two girls, they are a complete delight.

    teddybear03 - Welcome, Sam is one of my all time favorite boy names and I'm still considering it if one of these babies is of the boy type.

    I am really excited and nervous about my 12 week ultrasound coming up in two weeks. It's still hard to believe that there are two people in me. I've been struggling with headaches, but mostly feeling good. Hope you are all feeling good!

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    Yay blade - that's so exciting and a little girl, how aweome!

    Cvdutch - lots of juju coming your way!

    Only 13 more hours till my anatomy scan! Looking forward to getting confirmation that all is ok with all the cramping over the last few days, and of course finding out if this wee one is a he or a she!!!! Also I'm curious, anyone know what the % likelihood of babies NOT cooperating during anatomy scans is???
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    Thanks all I know it sounds trite but the gender was totally, totally secondary to finding out the Barnacle was alive.
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    Wow, I'm gone for a little while and all this happens!!! Congrats to everyone!
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    Well, I am very relieved and happy to report that the 12 week ultrasound looked great this morning! Babys heart rate was 160. The u.s. tech had absolutely zero personality which was a bummer and she barely said a word during the entire thing. So there was no guessing about the sex. But I could see a tiny little face and a tiny arm waving around and it was AMAZING!

    We are ecstatic. Now we have a 6.5 week wait (6 WEEKS- OMG!!!) for the next u.s. which will be done at a perinatal doc and will be the anatomy scan. Going to be super excited (and nervous, of course) for that one too but it's a ways away so I'm not going to think about it for now. Thanks to everyone for the kind words and healthy-baby-juju!!! <<hugs>>

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