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    My parents were convinced I was a boy. All of my baby stuff was blue (this was before most people did ultrasounds just to determine the sex.) They went to the hospital with only boy names. Then I was born and I was clearly not a boy. So they had no name for me. They were watching a Creature Feature in the hospital after the birth and they saw the name Taryn Power in the credits (she is the daughter of Tyrone Power. He was a big star, I think she was mostly the girl who screamed well in Creature Features.) They liked the name Taryn, and they desperately needed a girl name, so they put it on the birth certificate.

    I am not sure what my boy name would have been. They have given me different answers on this- James, Allen, and Tyrone. I think they had a list, maybe, and they were going to decide for certain after I was born.

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    My name is Shelby Ryanne. My mom got my first name from her favorite movie, Steel Magnolias and she always said that she just really loved the name Ryanne (Pronounced Ryan, like the boy's name) and how well it flowed with Shelby. I absolutely love my name, even though it can be a hassle sometimes. Some people like to quote any funny line from Steel Magnolias that contains the name Shelby and I have NEVER met someone who can pronounce my middle name right on the first try without me having to correct them.
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    My name is DanniLynn Alexis. My first name is a combination of my moms parents Daniel and Lynn and Alexis is my moms middle name.

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    My dad mispronounced Kayla and my middle name is after my great aunt and also my moms middle name
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    I actually have no idea. I think my mom just liked the name, it's not a family name or anything like that. It was just a popular name she liked. All I know about how they named me was it was either Ashley or Tyler, and I was a girl, so Ashley it was. But I've never been told the story, and I don't think I ever will be. Who knows, maybe one day when I'm trying to pick my own kids names, she'll tell me how she decided on Ashley.
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