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    Downton Abbey Themed CAF

    I don't know about everyone else, but as a history geek, I absolutely love Downton Abbey and the names around this time were gorgeous so I thought it would be perfect for a CAF! I've tried to include minor character names too to make it more than just the main upstairs and downstairs characters.

    LN: Crawley, Pelham, Bates, Grey
    DW: (MN: Barrow, Murray, Carson, MacClare)

    --DW: (MN: Painswick, Hughes, Branson, Drew)

    LN: Swire, Levinson, Aldridge, Talbot

    Mary, Cora, Sybil, Edith, Josephine, Violet, Anna, Rose, Daisy, Elsie, Vera, Ethel, Isobel, Lavinia, Beryl, Victoria, Rachel, Gwen, Rosamund, Ivy, Sarah, Edna, Susan, Jane, Mabel, Lane, Marigold, Rita, Daphne, Audrey, Irina, Madeleine, Phyllis, Martha, Amelia, Nellie, Winifred, Annabelle, Agatha, Louisa

    Matthew, Carson, Robert, George, Charlie, Thomas, Alfred, William, John, Henry, Charles, Atticus, Joseph, James, Richard, Timothy, Septimus, Anthony, Michael, Hugh, Evelyn, Daniel, Albert, Larry, Patrick, Herbert, Jack

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    LN: Grey
    DH: Thomas Daniel
    DW: Mary Louisa (MN: Carson)
    DS1: Henry Carson
    DD1: Jane Martha

    DS1: Henry Carson Grey
    --DW: Victoria Beryl (MN: Hughes)
    -DD1 Rose Elizabeth
    -DS1: Timothy Robert
    -DD2: Edith Marigold

    LN: Talbot
    DD1: Jane Martha
    --DH: Anthony Charles
    -DS1: Alfred James
    -DS2: Jack William
    -DD1: Daisy Amelia
    -DD2/DD3: Audrey Sarah & Rachel Vera
    Christine Keira - Evangeline Briar - Lula Daisy - Maisie Bear - Adelaide Echo
    Juniper Solstice - Felicity Iris - Rose Penelope - Aubrey Cerys - Lyla Winter

    Nico Henley - River Jackson - Everett Madden - Lincoln Perseus - Emerson Cove
    Arthur Owen - Clyde Henry - Mason Blake - Theodore Kingston - August Reuel

    Cassian - Bryce - Vincent - Harrison - Jonas / Sophie - Marnie - Etta - Carter - Poppy

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    [thank you so much for this!!]

    LN: Pelham
    DH: Patrick George
    DW: Martha Josephine (MN: Barrow)
    DS1: Henry Alfred
    DD1: Vera Sybil

    DS1: Henry Alfred
    --DW: Isobel Violet (MN: Drew)
    -DD1: Ivy Rosamund
    -DS1: Jack Evelyn
    -DD2: Cora Daisy

    LN: Aldridge
    DD1: Vera Sybil
    --DH: Joseph Atticus
    -DS1: William Daniel
    -DS2: Matthew James
    -DD1: Rose Amelia
    -DD2/DD3: Mary Louisa/Jane Marigold
    *In construction*

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    DH: Carson James Crawley
    DW: Daphne Josephine Crawley
    DS1: Michael John Crawley
    DD1: Edith Lavinia Crawley

    DS1: Michael John Crawley
    --DW: Audrey Cora Branson
    -DD1: Isobel Marigold Crawley
    -DS1: Joseph Matthew Crawley
    -DD2: Louisa Madeleine Crawley

    DD1: Edith Lavinia Crawley
    --DH: George Thomas Talbot
    -DS1: Charlie Jack Talbot
    -DS2: Henry Daniel Talbot
    -DD1: Elsie Jane Talbot
    -DD2/DD3: Anna Ivy Talbot and Daisy Martha Talbot
    Aimee Keren . 17 . Reader . Swimmer

    Saskia - Sylvie - Isobel - Quinn - Tallulah - Naia - Elodie - Jane - Lucy - Ophelia - Eleonora - Georgina - Delilah - Xenia - Josephine

    Ronan - Gabriel - Grayson - Darcy - Skyler - Leander - Jensen - Alexander - Emmett - Nolan - Dashiell

    Frida - June - Elsinore - Lucienne - Maude - Finley - Etienne - Abel

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    LN: Crawley
    DH: Henry John Crawley
    DW: Violet Amelia Crawley (MN: MacClare)
    DS1: Atticus Charles Crawley
    DD1: Josephine Cora Crawley

    DS1: Atticus Charles Crawley
    --DW: Jane Madeleine Crawley (MN: Branson)
    -DD1: Edith Martha Crawley
    -DS1: Hugh Septimus Crawley
    -DD2: William Alfred Crawley

    DD1: Josephine Cora (Crawley) Aldridge
    --DH: Albert Evelyn Aldridge
    -DS1: George Henry Aldridge
    -DS2: James Richard Aldridge
    -DD1: Sybil Isobel Aldridge
    -DD2/DD3: Rose Lavinia Aldridge / Agatha Mary Aldridge

    Henry and Violet Crawley, Atticus, Jane, Edith, Hugh and William Crawley, Albert, Josephine, George, James, Sybil, Rose and Agatha Aldridge.

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