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    I really dislike Bebe.

    Bebe in French is baby which for me is a negative attribute of a name and will result in people calling her baby. When your daughter is an adult she most likely will find that annoying. I also think the name feels pompous as people do name their daughter's 'Baby' and it's like your trying to be unique via using the French word for 'Baby'. This choice is aggravating and doesn't go with the adorable classic choices of Atticus and Dexter. Nevertheless if you do like Bebe I would use the name as a middle name for a really strong classic like Miriam or Eve.

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    Wow, I'm really surprised at the overwhelming negative response! I've always been familiar with the name Bebe, from Bebe Buell and Bebe Neuwirth and always liked it. I'm not a huge nickname person, unless the nn is really a direct derivation of the name. So many girls names are sounding the same to me. Looking for something pretty and quirky. I also like Babette- then could use Bebe or even Bette. However, it doesn't flow at all with our last name. Hmm..

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    Bibi seems to have history in Persian and Swahili. It also has Latin origins. It's pronounced Bebe
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    If you are in the US there is a chance that people (at least women) with know the store BeBe and therefore pronounce it correctly. (Theoretically!)

    With brothers Atticus and Dexter I think Bebe works better as a nn. It just doesn't feel substantial enough and almost strikes me as if you were "lazily" naming your child baby. Only because Atticus and Dexter are amazing and intriguing and stunning choices and Bebe feels flimsy in comparison.

    I like pp's suggestions and really like the idea of Beatrice, Elizabeth, or even Babette.
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    My friend has this as a surname and it's pronounced Bee-Bee. Pronouncing it BayBay is awful, it sounds like you're saying Baby wrong :/
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