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    Educated mothers as SAHM

    These days, getting a college education is becoming more the norm, and even expected, for both males and females. The idea is to go to a good school to get a good career, etc. One would assume that a college diploma would be cause enough for a women to get a good career rather than staying home not making any money, right?

    I know most people have very strong opinions about being either a stay-at-home-mom or a career mom but does it have to be so black and white? I'm in college and my major is something that would lead me to a single career, something that probably wouldn't be too difficult to find a job either. I recently started talking to my boyfriend about my desires to be a SAHM when we have children, and he wasn't sure about the idea. He thought that after all the money I spent on school, I should put my degree to good use. It wasn't about the money to him; he just didn't see the point in all that schooling if I wasn't going to use it. He sees nothing wrong with being a SAHM, since his own mother was one, but he doesn't see how I can have it both ways.

    I explained that college for me was partially just for self-betterment. It was something I wanted. Along with that, if he were ever not able to take care of me, I needed a way to take care of myself. And just because I wanted to be a stay at home mom in the beginning didn't mean I would never have a career. If everything goes as planned and I have kids in my mid-twenties, I could still start a career in my mid-thirties when they are a little older. I would still be young. It's just a lot easier to be in college now before kids than regretting it and going back later.

    Just curious, how does everyone else feel about these things?
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