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    I'm expecting my first while finishing up my undergrad degree, and hoping to go to graduate school, and I wouldn't be against being a SAHM at some point in the future. A degree's only value isn't the job opportunities it brings, not only can it help with self-betterment, you can use your education and networking in various volunteer work or social projects, as well as the fact that it will make you better able to teach your children about the world, be an example to them, and learn more about any number of things that will impact them, such as psychology, sociology, local or global issues they might face, and also how to better run a household.
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    When I got married I was half way through a masters in nursing to be an NP. I got pregnant shortly after we got married and I have stayed at home since. I am in the camp that firmly believes that mothers should be at home with their children and I would never consider going back to work and trying to juggle everything unless something terrible happened to my husband and it was literally the only way to put food on the table. We are blessed that my husband makes a good income to support us, but even if he made far less money we would just live differently as we both feel stongly that children need their mother at home to care for them. When I was in nursing school, working and then in the masters program I always felt like I was just killing time until I could get married and be a SAHM. For whatever it's worth though, I never liked my job very much.

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    I always wanted to get an education AND have children. I never planned on getting married so young (21) or having kids so early (22) but it was still important to me that I graduate. I was lucky enough that both me and my husband had enough scholarships and Pell Grants (and savings from before the baby) that we graduated completely debt free (just barely) and that my husband got a great job straight out of college (age 23). I made the decision to be a SAHM because that was what I really wanted and because I knew that my husbands salary would be sufficient (to live off of and save for retirement) if we lived modestly. I tentatively plan to be having children for the next 10 years (I'll take them one at a time) and I will consider working when my youngest is in school full-time, but I don't think my degree will be worth anything at that time. I expect I will either have to go back to school or take a different direction. For me, getting the diploma was about completing a goal and "self-betterment" as has been noted in PPs. I also think it is responsible to get a degree that will help you support yourself/family should something (divorce, death) happen. That is something that I didn't do and I would have to rely heavily on family while I worked things out.
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    I'm starting graduate school in the fall. I would like to be a SAHM someday, finances permitting. My dream is to adopt kids with special needs, and I would love to be able to give them all my energy and attention. But in this job market, who knows?
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    My parents pushed us to pursue college degrees and while I am glad they did because it's pretty much necessary these days, I don't think I will be doing a whole lot with it. I am just finishing up my bachelor's degree (already had my graduation but still 3 more weeks to go!) and I am really thinking I want to be a SAHM. I have a job now and I've been working since I was in high school but I have learned I really don't like working for people. I suppose I could work on my own by starting my own business or working from home, but I think I would be much happier as a SAHM. I am fine doing housework and it would allow me to home school my future kids (because public education is looking worse and worse and we probably couldn't afford private school). I could work to my own schedule. I really think I would be much happier. I hate working with the public, too, and between grocery store, boarding facility, and animal shelter that's pretty much what I've done the past 6 years. Hate, hate, hate it. My degree will probably just serve as backup, but it's definitely a benefit even with searching for lower wage part time jobs, so I really am glad to have it. I'm sure it will even be beneficial for homeschooling my kids if that's what I do, because I will know what colleges are looking for as far as their expectations of their students. I started my degree in zoology so I've experienced college in science and in humanities.
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