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    Red face Fairy Tale Retelling Superhero Novellas

    More like novelettes, actually. And the superhero elements are way smaller than I planned them to be. And the fairy tales are barely recognizable as shades of what might be symbols.

    That aside, the fact remains that I am writing a series of sort-of-novella sort-of-fairy-tale-retellings, set in a world with sort-of-superheroes, and my Little Red Riding Hood Villain needs a new namename. (And I also need a name for Grandma, but more on that later.) (And please, keep in mind, it is still a fairy tale. Yes, there is insta-love and inexplicable villains. Because I like those things.)

    Here's the scene: Robin Boyd (a telekinetic) and her little brother Xavier were orphaned two years ago by the dreaded Wolves, who, once unmasked, were discovered to be the Cavanaugh brothers. (Their power is that they can "snap" into wolves, which is kind of uncontrolled shapeshifting that responds to their emotions). Robin has harbored bitterness toward the brothers since then, and when she hears they're escaped from prison, she starts planning revenge. Meanwhile, Dash Cavanaugh is trying to block out the awful memories from prison and his life before, all while living under the same roof with his hated brother, Jett. When Dash goes on a walk to escape, he runs into Robin, realizes he killed her parents, keeps his identity secret from her, and begins to fall in love. And then everything goes to chaos, because it's a novelette and stuff moves fast. (Totally predictable, I know). (And no, I'm not encouraging teenage girls to fall in love with their parents' murderers. That would be really stupid. Robin is stupid. I acknowledge this.)

    I need a new name for Jett. I keep confusing him with other characters I've written/read, and I'm not able to focus on the plot when whenever I type 'Jett' I'm distracted by going online to find him a new name. I'm looking for something one-syllable and steady, but maybe-maybe with an undercurrent of something sinister. The original name I considered for him was Ace, and this is now what Dash calls him when he's talking about his brother problems to Robin. Nothing is sticking. I've tossed another couple names at him, but they refuse to take. Stupid stubborn villainous Jett.

    Also, Robin's Grandma needs a name. Grandma took Robin and Xavier in after their parents died. Grandma can read minds. I'm planning on writing a prequel for Grandma, loosely based off The Odyssey, and how Penelope stayed faithful to Odysseus, and Odysseus didn't, what with Circe and Calypso and all, and the ramifications of this on their relationship, which is totally not a fairytale, BUT one of my favorite stories, so I don't care. (Run-on sentence alert!) Long story short, I'd love it for G-ma's nickname to be "Penny," but I don't want her name to be Penelope. It needs to be long and kind of formal-sounding, for a certain scene at the end of the LRRH novellette that I may or may not cut and haven't actually written yet.

    No, I didn't spend my morning thinking about superhero genetics and the exact powers in their world. That was yesterday. *laughs nervously at self*

    Thanks for sticking through my long, rambling, run-on-sentencey post. Now I shall (finally) hand things over to your Ultimate Naming Wisdom.
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    Use names that represent the source of your character, the original fairytale. For instance, both of the Cavanaugh's names could mean wolf.

    And you could just name her Penny, no real explanation. Depending on what you do with the Odyssy that could work for you. I'm completely brainfarting on other names though.

    I personally LOVE doing this, rewriting fairytales. having the character names be representative of their original model is a great way to subtly pay tribute to and include the original story. I'm also really tired. I'll come back to this with good suggestions later, swear.
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    One syllable, maybe with an undercurrent of sinister (though that may be a matter of opinion). I will attempt this, because I'm supposed to be doing schoolwork:

    That's all I got, not very much. I'm not gonna try for the grandma because I have no ideas on that front, sorry
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    I think that the name Jett is good, but if you need alternatives, here are a view:



    Here are the ones with 'Penny' as a potential nickname:
    Just plain 'ole Penny would do!
    Peneli (very weird name, but a good excuse for the nickname Penny)
    Peni (just spelled differently!)

    Other names that could work:
    (Sorry my mind is really dead right now...that's pretty much the only other old-lady-name I've got!!!)
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