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    Is Benjamin too overused?

    We're trying to name baby #7 (yep, a sweet surprise baby), and already having 5 boys, we've used up the names we agree upon (John, Daniel, Peter, Samuel, Matthew - with Grace being our girl. So far, the only name hubby is agreeing to is Benjamin if this baby is a boy - but what do you think? Is it too overused? Thanks!

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    Nope. I think it's a great name with a lot of good options. It would fit in perfect with your others.
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    I love Benjamin. It is not too overused in my opinion. It is one of my very favorite classic boy names. It makes complete sense with the rest of your children's names. I am smiling to myself because I am wondering how fantastic and annoying it must be for Grace to have 6 brothers
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    It would fit just fine with your others. I only know 2 boys named Benjamin. Both go by the full name.

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    Your names are all very classic and oft-used. Benjamin is beautiful and fits perfectly with your sibset. Who could resist lovely Benjamin Bunny in his tam o'shanter? That's my first association. Then Ben Franklin of course. Benji!

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