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    Little sister for Beatrix Holly

    I'm blessed with a beautiful 2 yr old Beatrix Holly and expecting another girl in August and was thinking of going for Pippa Rose? What are everyone's thoughts and other suggestions?? Beatrix gets Bea and I thought Bea and Pip went quite well together, what do you think? Thanks! Xxx

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    I think Beatrix Holly is just lovely!
    I also love Pippa Rose, and I think they go really well together. Maybe Pippa is a bit short as a full name in comparison to Beatrix...?
    Bea and Pip sound very sweet together!

    Here are some other suggestions in case you're not quite decided on Pippa Rose;

    Philippa Rose nn Pippa/Pip
    Emmeline Rose nn Em (Bea and Em?)
    Emily Rose nn Em (Bea and Em)
    Heidi Rose (Bea and Heidi)
    Louisa Rose nn Lou (Bea and Lou)
    Lucinda Rose (Bea and Lucy/Lucie) (like Beatrix Potter and Lucy Maud Montgomery)
    Annabel Rose (Bea and Anna)
    Susan Rose (nn Sue or Susie)
    Theodora Rose (nn Teddy)
    Alice Rose (Bea and Alice)
    Dorothy Rose (Bea and Dot maybe?)
    Matilda Rose (Bea and May/Tilly)

    Good luck! Very elegant names!
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    Aw thank you so much for your help, I love your suggestions especially Matilda Rose, Bea and Tily are very cute together! Xx

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    I think Bea and Pip are gorgeous.

    I would use a fuller name for Pip/Pippa though:

    Phillipa Rose
    Penelope Rose
    Priscilla Rose

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    I like the nn Pippa or Pip but would prefer a more formal name, like Phillipa Rose. Bea and Pip/Pippa are darling together. I also liked Maltilda Rose.

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