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Thread: Down to 2 names

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    Down to 2 names

    Our two girl names for this babe are Hazel and Corrina/Corinna (pronounced Cor-ree-na). Hazel is a family name. We love it and get great responses to this name. However it is gaining popularity on charts and ESP in our west coast hipster city. Do you think it's too popular? I know it depends on your standards.
    Our daughters name is Camille and I think Corinna seems a bit matchy but its way less popular. But I can't decide if I LOVE it. I like the connection to the song(s). What does Corinna remind you of?

    Thanks for any feedback.

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    Also anyway I could combine them? Or do you have middle name suggestions? Thanks!

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    I think that Hazel and Camille are less matchy than Corrina and Camille, and Hazel is one of my favorite names, so I pick that!

    Corrina reminds me of the name Corrine, which reminds me of a great-aunt of mine So basically, I just think of old ladies.
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    I also prefer Hazel. It is gaining in popularity, but it's not like it's top ten or anything, so I wouldn't worry about it. Corinna to meet looks like it would be pronounced cor-inn-uh, just like it looks. I really prefer Hazel, and I think it goes with Camille very well!

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    Hazel is nms and it's definitely one of those "choice" old lady names that a lot of people are trying to resurrect. However I would choose it over Corrina. I would pronounce it cor-in-na, just like it looks so she will have to correctly pronounce and spell her name her whole life. Maybe consider Carina?

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