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    Eponine and Illyria !

    i need opinions on the names Eponine and Illyria
    do you like them?
    any good middles that go well with them ?
    right now i like Eponine Kirrily
    what do you think ?

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    Well as you can see from my signature, I love Ilyria - but I think it could be troublesome pronunciation-wise, so I like it better for the middle spot

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    I'm not too fond of Eponine, for some reason, it brings to mind a busty, larger built woman with an attitude, despite the Les Miserables character. Eponine Kirrily rhymes too much for my taste, perhaps something like Eponine Willow, Eponine Iris, Eponine June, Eponine Rose, Eponine Fern, or Eponine Louisa.

    Illyria is alright, if I'm pronouncing it right. It seems like it would be a better name for a country than a baby though. For middle names...Illyria Kirrily (I think this flows better), Illyria Rachelle, Illyria Charlotte, Illyria Aspen, Illyria Opal, Illyria Laurel or Illyria Bay.
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    This is so strange! I was just in a debacle about a perfect twin name for Hadley and had both Eponine and Kirrily high up on my list! I really like Eponine Kirrily. Illyria is nice, but the first part, Ill is throwing me off. I really do like Eponine though!

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    My daughter's name is Ilyria Renee Rebekah. We dropped one of the L's because we didn't like the "Ill" look. Love it! Most people really adore the name, once we tell them how to pronounce it.

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