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    A new name for boys

    Ok first of all, this is my first started thread and I'm nervous. Hello!
    Anyway I am a name nerd, an aspiring writer, and a non-mom so far. I am in my twenties and I love names.
    I recently came across the name as a surname that's seems like a first name. It's a Italian since I live in an area with many people of Italian descent.

    The name is


    and it is believed pronounced Bar-toe-low-May-o.

    It is, I believe, an Italian form of Bartholomew. I think personally it is really cute and has great nickname potential from Tolly to Teo, to Meo?

    I would love what you would think. It's really distinctive and I would it would be sweet.

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    I love Bartholomew and some of its international versions are wonderful too. The Italian Bartolomeo, the Spanish Bartolomé and the French Barthélemy are also quite appealing to me. Since you live in an Italian area, a boy name Bartolomeo would fit right in.
    All the best,

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    I think as you live in an Italian area it would fit in well. Bartholomew and his variations are a bit too much for me, but if you like it, I'd say it's definitely usable.

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