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Thread: Ronan VS Rowan

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    Ronan VS Rowan

    Which of these names do you prefer, and why?

    Rowan has always been a big favorite of mine, and Ronan, although I've always liked it, was less so.

    But now that I'm naming my child, I think Ronan has a bit of a stronger, more masculine sound, and while it's quite unusual here in the US, fits in more with the top/popular names while still being classy and unique, plus I've never heard of a female Ronan, and have heard of quite a few female Rowans.
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    I like both, but as of late I like Ronan a bit better. I wouldn't let the unisex factor deter you from Rowan though. Either would be great for a boy IMO!

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    I love BOTH!

    Rowan is a great nature name, earthy and awesome

    Ronan (or Ronin, which is probably why I think so) is just bad ass, but I love the irish spelling/meaning, also.
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    Rowan and Ronan are both great names! Rowan has been recently used for girls so if that worries you I would go with Ronan.

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    I like Rowan a little more, but I do tend to identify it with girls now too. Ronan seems a lil more masculine, but I don't like the sound as much.
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