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    Please let me know what you think of these combos!


    Amaryllis * Holiday * Cordelia * Waverly * Seraphina * Calliope * Olympia * Zephyrine * Genevieve * Marguerite

    Phineas * Caspian * Orlando * Florian * Sullivan * Laszlo * Thaddeus * Virgil * Ozias * Ambrose

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    Amaryllis Madeleine Jade - Too much of a mouthful. Putting Jade in the middle spot would help.
    Anastasia Skyler Eve- flows well but I don't feel like Skyler fits with the other two style-wise
    Annabella Caroline Rhys (Reese)- I'd like Annabella Rhys Caroline MUCH more! It just flows better.
    Arcadia Brynn Juliet- This is nice...
    Bellamy Violet Snow- LOVE
    Brynn Elizabeth Hadley- Nice.
    Calla Francesca Eve- These names don't really flow.... it sounds choppy to say it out loud.
    Clover Jane Marguerite- This is nice, I'm just not a fan of Marguerite.
    Cordelia Madeleine Scout- Cute.
    Ember Josephine Love- Not a fan of any of these names personally.
    Genevieve Luna Sage- Cute.
    Hadley Felicity Eponine or Hadley Felicity Breeze. I prefer the second one.
    Haven Evangeline Kirrily or Haven Evangeline Bright. I prefer the first one.
    Holiday Skyler Eve. Yikes... I feel like all three of these are word names (skyler=sky) it's too phrasey imo.
    India Scarlett Eve. Again, too wordy
    Jetta Natalia Kaylin. Jetta Kaylin Natalia sounds better although Kaylin looks out of place.
    Jolie Felicity Sapphire. A bit of a mouthful but I like all these names!
    Lucia Margot Joy- Cute.
    Madeleine Macy Claire- Cute
    Nylah Caroline Sage- LOVE
    Phoenix Elizabeth Jolie- LOVE
    Savanna Italia Macy- I'm not loving Italia.
    Scarlett Evangeline Jubilee- Not liking this.
    Vienna Brynn Margot- Sounds nice.
    Waverly Clair Elizabeth LOVE

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    Amaryllis Madeleine Jade- Too much of a names for me!
    Anastasia Skyler Eve - I like Anastasia and Eve but not skyler and Skyler eve makes me think evening sky...
    Annabella Caroline Rhys (Reese)- Cute!
    Arcadia Brynn Juliet- Like Brynn Juliette but not a fan or arcadia
    Bellamy Violet Snow- cute
    Brynn Elizabeth Hadley- Makes me think elizabeth Hurley... but I do like Brynn elizabeth
    Calla Francesca Eve- Perfection!
    Clover Jane Marguerite- Too much flowery names in one combo for my liking!
    Cordelia Madeleine Scout- Not bad
    Ember Josephine Love- Not a fan or Ember... too close to Amber which to me is very dated
    Genevieve Luna Sage- Very cute
    Hadley Felicity Eponine or Hadley Felicity Breeze- Like felicity but not the other names
    Haven Evangeline Kirrily or Haven Evangeline Bright- Too heavenly... too literal Evangeline is nice but the combo it too much for me
    Holiday Skyler Eve- see above.. too literal
    India Scarlett Eve- Im not sure about India but its a cute combo
    Jetta Natalia Kaylin- Like Jetta and Natalia but not Kaylin
    Jolie Felicity Sapphire- Jolie is very Angelina for me...
    Lucia Margot Joy- Very cute!!!!
    Madeleine Macy Clair- Cute
    Nylah Caroline Sage- I like this!
    Phoenix Elizabeth Jolie- Not a fan
    Savanna Italia Macy- I much prefer Susannah to Savanna
    Scarlett Evangeline Jubilee- Cute
    Vienna Brynn Margot- Very nice!
    Waverly Clair Elizabeth- I just can't get on board with waverly

    Good luck! You have some very nice names here some are not really my style especially the very literal ones BUT in other orders/combos the names a super cute!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    My favorites are:

    Annabella Caroline Rhys
    Cordelia Madeleine Scout
    India Scarlett Eve

    My least favorite single name part is Jubilee. I like Scarlett Evangeline without it tho....
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    Amaryllis Madeleine Jade I think it's a mouthful with both middle names but, pretty.
    Anastasia Skyler Eve A very pretty name. I think about sunsets with Skyler Eve.
    Annabella Caroline Rhys (Reese) I think the flow would sound better without the second middle name.
    Arcadia Brynn Juliet Pretty name. I have a suggestion of Acacia Brynn Juliet.
    Bellamy Violet Snow Never been a fan of Bellamy but, overall a nice name.
    Brynn Elizabeth Hadley Pretty name.
    Calla Francesca Eve Pretty name.
    Clover Jane Marguerite Not a fan of Clover but, Jane Marguerite is beautiful.
    Cordelia Madeleine Scout Not a fan of Scout but otherwise a nice name.
    Ember Josephine Love Not a fan of Love in a name.
    Genevieve Luna Sage Pretty name.
    Hadley Felicity Eponine or Hadley Felicity Breeze Mouthful with Eponine and okish with Breeze.
    Haven Evangeline Kirrily or Haven Evangeline Bright NMS but, ok.
    Holiday Skyler Eve Nice name.
    India Scarlett Eve Nice name.
    Jetta Natalia Kaylin This screams trying too hard with Jetta.
    Jolie Felicity Sapphire Nice name.
    Lucia Margot Joy Beautiful name.
    Madeleine Macy Clair Pretty but, I prefer Claire spelling.
    Nylah Caroline Sage Nice name though I like Nyla spelling better.
    Phoenix Elizabeth Jolie Not a fan of Phoenix but otherwise a nice name.
    Savanna Italia Macy Nice name.
    Scarlett Evangeline Jubilee Nice name.
    Vienna Brynn Margot Nice name.
    Waverly Clair Elizabeth Nice name and I prefer Claire spelling.

    Good luck on your double middle name adventure!
    Theodore Arthur

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