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    casilayne Guest

    A name with meaning for adopted girl

    We are starting the process of hopefully adopting a little girl. She will keep her first name. BUT I want to change her middle name to either a family name or a name with meaning (chosen, long awaited, prayed for....).

    Here are some family name options:

    mother: Carolyn Elaine
    MIL: Karen Sue
    grandmother: Winona Elizabeth Ann
    GIL: Judy Kay

    Aunts: Shonda, Beverly, Paige, Carla....I don't know if I could do one aunt and not have a problem...
    Cousins: Mia, Julia, Carissa...same issue as the aunts.

    I'm just not falling in love with any family names. So, I am open to names with a kick-hinney meaning.

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    alyssa428 Guest
    Dolly - Gift of God
    Evelyn and Miriam - Wished for Child
    In the bible Hannah desperately wasnted a child but couldn't conceive. She prayed to God and when He gave her a child she named him Samuel. Maybe Hannah or the girl version of Samuel: Samantha?

    Not many, I know. But hope it helps none the less!

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    I thought of Hannah and the story of Samuel too!

    Elianna is a beautiful name and means "G-d has answered"
    Dorothy and its friends (Dorothea, Theodora) mean "gift of G-d"
    Dora means gift

    I hope one of these helps.

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    I think a name related to family would be particularly meaningful for your adopted daughter-to-be. I've thought about what we might choose if we adopted a child, and I think I'd want to give them the name of my absolute most beloved relative, or one of the family names that have been passed down through many generations. To me, giving one of those names says "I'm all in" more than giving a name with a poignant etymology.
    I'm assuming you're adopting a child who's grown up enough to have some attachment to her name. That's really admirable. I would have to get over my control-freak tendencies to give up choosing the first name, but those older kids need homes.
    We can zhuzh any family-name you want. Which relative would you most like to honor?

    Carolyn: Coraline or Caroline ...Carina ("beloved") Carys, Charis
    Elaine needs no fussing, but there's Elena, Helen, Helene, or Helena (either pronunciation)
    Karen: again, Carina, Carys, Charis ..or Reine, Wren (pronounced the same)
    Winona: Winifred, Winter
    Elizabeth: Too many variations to list. I love Bette. Also Elspeth, Lilibet (Queen Elizabeth's nn) Elixabete (it's Basque, and maybe too out-there for an adopted kid, but cool right?) Isabel and her variants, Lillian, Bettina...
    Ann: Hannah as Alyssa428 suggested, Annika, Annabel, Annick...
    Judy: Judith, Junia, June
    Kay: I like Kay a lot, but there's also Cay, Kit, Catherine and her variants, Caitlin, Katya... do you have any idea of the child's heritage?

    Also, I think it could be lovely to use a middle name linked her to her brother's middle name. Milena, Millay, Camilla, Emily, Millie, Maya, Myla, Mya (whoops almost your cousin's name) Myriam (stealing from Blade) or Mirth (which I think would be amazing.)

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    I agree with emmabobemma, except I think it doesn't really work to honor the relative and use that name to tie the child to the family if you change it a lot. The child herself isn't going to think through how Caitlin the same as Kay, Junia kind of like Judy, etc. And I also think you should choose the name according to the significance of the relative, not so much the name. The meaning won't be the same if you choose the name of a third cousin you never see but whose name you like as of the grandma that will be spending time cuddling the child. You know best how it resonates, but if that means Judy or Carolyn is the mn to chose, then choose it even if it's not the exact name that's your favorite. It will also help form a bond between that relative and your adopted child, which will help her transition and feel part of your family. So again the person may be more important than the name.

    On the other hand, there are lots of names that have nice meanings. How about Amy or Amanda, which just mean loved? Renee or Renata, reborn? Destiny, meant to be ours? And then all those biblical names that mean gift of God in some form.

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