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    I like Millie but my hubby doesn't Would Lia be a plausable nn for Amelia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmurray719 View Post
    My husband and I have our list narrowed down to 3 names and need opinions:
    Ellie Clementine
    Amelia Mae
    Ellie Ruth

    If Ellie Mae wasn't the name of a Clampet, that would be our name of choice.

    Big sisters are Izzie Caroline and Isla Rose and our last name starts with Mur-

    Thanks ahead of time for your help!!

    No one - especially in your child's generation - is going to know who Ellie Mae Clampet is - so if you really love that one, I say go for it. Especially since Mae is the middle name, so you are, I assume, generally going to call her Ellie. But if you are really against it....

    I like Ellie Ruth.
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    I prefer Amelia to Ellie. I am bored of the Ella/Elle/Ellie type names. Amelia Clementine would be incredibly lovely! Amelia Mae is sweet too though.
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    I don't care for Ellie as a full name but I think Ellie works way better with your other daughters' names and with a last name that starts with M. All the M's in Amelia Mae Mur- wouldn't sound so great. I love Amelia in general though! Maybe just a different middle name? Amelia Ruth Mur- perhaps?
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    Ellie Clementine - sounds great, however maybe a bit too matchy with big sister Izzie Caroline
    Amelia Mae - I agree that it's M heavy with an M last name, although on its own it sounds lovely
    Ellie Ruth - I do not care much for Ruth myself

    I prefer Amelia Clementine, which has has a vintage cool feel - in case nn Millie is out, an alternative could be Amy

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