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    Eh-lay-na vs Elle-en-nah

    Which pronunciation to you prefer and why?

    In my mind, Elena should be Elle-en-nah, and Alena/Elaina/Alaina is Eh-lay-na. I have Elena on a list for a daughter, but I noticed I flip-flop between both pronunciations. Elle-en-nah seems to be more affectionate and endearing, and Eh-lay-na more day-to-day.

    What are your thoughts?
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    With my accent I have trouble saying elle-en-nah it seems really forced. I'm much more into A-Lay-Nah or E-lay-nah.
    Theodore Arthur

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    Maybe because I also speak Spanish, I cannot get behind saying Elena as Eh-lay-nah. It's just wrong to my ear. Eh-le-nah is how I say it.
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    Alena: ah-LEN-uh
    Elena: E-le-nah/uh-LAY-nuh (Italian/English)
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    Elena and Elaina are eh-layn-uh.
    Alaina is uh-layn-uh.
    Alena is uh-leh-nuh.
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