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Thread: Bjorn

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    Roo's nursery sounds amazing. I was thinking about dinosaurs for a little boy and a fish theme for girl or boy. Martin loves fish and tanks. But a forest sounds so perfect for a baby with Bjørn in his name.

    Martin is very strict on the epic for a boy but I think epic names for girls are harder. None seem to have the same magical feel as the boys do. Ronan was too cute since it means baby seal. Sigurd is very cool. I may just throw it on my personal list.

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    Oh I think Bjorn would be epic. I like Torben as well.
    James Torben or James Bjorn would be wonderful strong combos and your hubby would be so psyched to have been able to contribute a cool viking name (lets face it all men would be).

    Oh, also if your hubby found it on Vikings and loves it, there is a good chance other will as well which would mean that it would become more familiar and easier for others to pronounce. In theory at least. However, if you are using Bjorn as a mn does it matter if anyone can pronounce it properly?
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    I really think he's pumped about giving his kids awesome names. Every time we get a combo nailed out he goes on and on about how cool it is. He's silly like that.
    Hopefully other people will be able to figure out the pronunciation and you have a point, if it's in the middle it won't get used often enough for a butchered pronunciation to be a big deal. I really like Thorbjorn but he likes Torbjorn; the "th" sound makes it seem smoother than the harsh "t". I'm hoping I can slip that "h" in there without him noticing if/when we use it. Does anyone notice the difference or am I just crazy?

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    I LOVE Bjorn!! I.know a stylish little guy named Bjorn, around age 7 or 8 I think. And there was a guy I had some college classes with name Bjorn, one of the cool guys, from Alaska. Lol
    Yes, very wearable. Really cool name!
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    There's no difference in the Scandinavian languages between the sounds t and th, they're all pronounced with a hard t.
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