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  • Foster Xavier

    10 14.93%
  • Simon Kovarik

    34 50.75%
  • Levi Augustus

    30 44.78%
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    Talking 7 1/2 weeks to go--short list!

    We had our 3D ultrasound today, and our boy sure is handsome! Seeing his face (at least what he wasn't hiding behind his hand and umbilical cord) just melted my heart. He was so peaceful, snuggled up it a little ball. We finally have a short list of names! First names are names that we chose based on our personal taste and naming style. Middle names have family significance and one or the other reflects our Catholic faith. Last name sounds like "deer." We are also dealing with some opinionated family members and live in a small, conservative community.

    Foster Xavier--Foster: somewhat rare as a first name. I am not bothered by any foster child or Foster's beer associations. I am, however, concerned about being another in a wave of trendy surname names.
    --Xavier: My husband's middle name and a solid Catholic saint's name. Also sets up the nn Fox perfectly!
    Simon Kovarik--Simon: Nice, classic, and underused. Good biblical/saint's name.
    --Kovarik: Family surname (Czech), would mean a lot to my grandmother, who is this the last surviving great grandparent on my side.
    Levi Augustus--Levi: too popular for my liking, but I really like the classic, biblical, masculine style.
    --Augustus: Husband's brother's middle name. Husband has reservations about using it, though, due to concerns about keeping things fair with the family.

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    Of your 3 choices I would definitely have to go with Simon Kovarik. Simon is such an underused name and, to me, very strong and masculine as well. I also love the family-ness associated with this choice. Levi is just too popular for me and Foster is not my style.
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    I agree with the above poster. Simon Kovarik got my vote too.

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    Simon got my vote by far. A very handsome name paired with a spunky, unusual but meaningful middle.

    Foster I do find very surname-trendy, I'm afraid, and I don't like Augustus at all, plus if your husband has concerns about it I'd advise not using it.

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    Simon Kovarik is classy and meaningful. And it looks cool. I voted for this name.

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