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    Leander Ignatius would be stunning!

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    You have some wonderful names on your list, Blade! I'll bold my favourites.

    Ambrose - I love this name but Antoine and Ambrose share an initial (AN and AM)
    Blaise - I really love this name with Antoine.
    Cyprian - I like this name but I don't like the similar "an" between ANtoine and CypriAN.
    Elias - This Greek version is lovely and I don't mind it with Antoine. Isn't the French Elie?
    Evander - ANtoine and EvANder bother me. Unfortunatley, this name makes me think of the boxer more than the saint or mythology.
    Laurence - A great classic name that so unappreciated. It deserves more respect than it gets. I'm biased because one of my favourite actors was Sir Laurence Olivier and I always think of blond actor Peter O'Toole on a camel in the desert playing "Lawrence of Arabia".
    Leander - ANtoine and LeANder is not ideal.
    Lionel- A vintage and underused choice.
    Lucian - Oh how I love this name but again there is ANtoine and LuciAN.
    Marius - This name is popular in Northern Europe. I like it!
    Raoul - This has the same suave French flair as Antoine's so it's a great choice!
    Victor - A great classic name which also has a wonderful meaning.

    Combo Suggestions

    Raoul Ignatius
    Victor Theodosius
    Lionel Theodosius
    Elias Rainier
    Laurence Altair
    Marius Altair
    Blaise Aurelian
    All the best,

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    While revisiting your new list Lucian Auxentius popped out at me. It's evocative and handsome and I feel like it would fit with Antoine Raphael nicely.
    Hope all is well and Baby-Blade is happy (and Antoine is excited).
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    Thanks lexie, that's a gorgeous combination. I wanted Antoine's middle name, originally, to be Lucian, and have liked the name for a long time.
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    Raoul is such a cool name. I still really love Lionel for you too. And I think Ignatius is too good not to use. So my favorites are Raoul Ignatius or Lionel Ignatius. Either one sounds like it could be a brother to Antoine Raphael. I think that they are names that are unique, without being over the top or difficult to pronounce/spell. People will be familiar with them- even if they don't hear them a lot.

    I like Lucien too, but I prefer Lucius.
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