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    I haven't had any personal experience with this seeing as this is my first baby and we haven't shared the name we've picked with many people. Only about 5 people know the name and they've all had positive responses so far... Honestly though, I agree with Lizgingermitch - unless they were confirming reservations about the name you already had i'd ignore the haters. Some people are just rude.

    FYI - Indie is a gorgeous name, so definitely ignore them!!!
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    I think Indie is a very cute as a nickname or given name. I probably would have said something like..."Well, we all have different tastes. I may not be fond of the name you chose for your child/children either, but to each their own."
    I have had friends that chose names I didn't particularly care for, but I would never voice my opinion to them, as the reason for picking the name/s was very meaningful for them, and I fully respect that and because of the meaning, think it is the right name anyway, no matter if I like it or not.

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    It was actually only a few days ago that this last happened to me - I happened to run into a very old friend who I literally hadn't seen for about 10 years. I had no idea she was even in the same country, never mind same town. My son was with me at the time, I introduced him as Leo but it wasn't until 10 minutes later when I called him Léonard, that she said ''Oh thank God his name isn't just Leo?!''. I pretty much ignored it but we got talking about how his dad is French and his middle name is Cyrille, after his grandfather. She grimaced at me and said ''Lets hope you name the next one something more normal, hey?'' pointing to my bump. (Incredibly immature of me but I then made an equally rude comment about her dress and got out of there as quickly as possible. I was just SO angry! Gosh, I hope we don't run into each other again.)

    One horrible comment might have slipped out, but a second? And the fact she actually tried to make me laugh at my own son's name? I don't understand that sort of mentality.

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