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    Pearl as a first name - love or hate?

    What are your opinions on Pearl as a first name?

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    I love it! I think it's a beautiful name.

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    I don't love or hate the name. I don't mind it either way. I will say the first thing that pops into my head when I hear the name Pearl is Will Ferrells daughter. When she was like 2-4, he did a youtube skit called Pearl the landlord or something. Before that, I considered Pearl an old lady name but after seeing a child named Pearl, I could see it for a kid.

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    I think I prefer it as a middle myself, but it's perfectly acceptable as a first name. I'm just not a fan of one syllable names in the first spot, but if you don't mind go for Pearl. It's beautiful.
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    I can't associate it as a name for a person because I had a hamster named pearl, also I know a couple of people with cats named Pearl.... That said I do think it's a pretty name, as pretty as the stone its called after.

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