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    That Lilith jumped up 100 spots surprised me.
    I really like Lilith but I figured with it's negative biblical and pop-culture references I was really surprised by it's rise in popularity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allythys View Post
    Retro name that were still on the list (for girls) that surprised me: Brittany, Stephanie, Melissa, Brenda, Jenna, Jennifer, Amanda,Wendy, Nancy, Sandra, Denise...

    What the heck? Why? When did Logan become a girl's name and what kind of name is Tinley/Tenley? Also, how many ways are there to spell Allison? Or Jazzlyn?
    I agree about most of the "retro" names you mentioned. I'm surprised there are so many people who find names like Denise, Nancy, and Brenda to be desirable. I can understand that Jennifer and Amanda and Brittany might still hold weight for women who have had them on their lists since childhood, but every Brenda I've ever met was born between 1948 and 1968. I'd lump Judith in with that trend

    As for Logan, the first Logan I ever met was actually a girl and that was about 15 years ago--she's probably almost 20 now. Not saying I like it, but it's not a brand new phenomenon.

    Jazzlyn is truly horrible, thought at least the sound is pleasant enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Did anyone else notice that Sheldon is back in the top 1000 for boys? Big Bang Theory, anyone?
    Saw it and thought exactly the same thing.
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    I absolutely could not believe that Coraline ranked at 823! Never expected that. I'm thinking maybe less conventional "ends in -line" names are swerving upward, led by Adeline (239), Evangeline (292) and Emmaline (890)?
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    I've just been perusing the list. Aside from the out-there wacky spellings and names like Jakayla (??), I am floored that Larry is still in the top 1000.
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    I have liked Aliyah- with that spelling- for years. The double 'a's throw me, and Aliyah is also an accepted spelling. But sadly, the popularity of the name (in 2011, with Name Nerd's combined spelling list it ranked 19, with dozens of kryative spellings like Allyah and Aaleahya) will prevent me form putting it on my list.

    Anyone else notice Monroe on the list for girls (at 949)? Although I dislike Monroe on a boy, for the life of me I cannot see it on a girl.

    Jael made the list for boys. A lot of -ael names on the rise... A mini -Ayden trend in the next decade? But, back to the point: I still instinctively say Jael as 'jail' instead of yah-ELL, and I bet most Americans will, too.

    -I see no reason to point out individual misspellings. But I will point out that some of the names on the girls' side, like Riya (Rhea), Miya (Mia) and Kaiya (Kaia) are actually legit Japanese names... But I'm not entirely sure if the parents know that (as in the case that Raiden should be pronounced Rye-den) or if they think it's just a 'yunike' way to spell Mia or Riya, or even pronouncing it like Maya or Rye-uh.
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