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    33 weeks pregnant! Opinions please?

    I'm of European descent and my husband is hispanic- We speak Spanish at home. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and cannot decide on a baby name for my daughter My name is Jasmine Elizabeth and my husband's name is Stanley Al- Our last name is Perez!

    My husband's first choice is Evelyn. He loves this name. Nickname for this name could be Eva (pronounced Eh-Vuh)

    I like Evelyn but at the same time want something a little more feminine? or well feminine sounding? Evelyn is beautiful but I'm not 100% committed to it yet.

    I've been exploring Giselle or Gisella... Isabel (after his grandmother who just passed although this is a bit common) and Catalina (after my mother and grandmother Spanish version "Kathleen")

    Any other suggestions? Middle name ideas? Opinions? haha Anything helps!!! Thanks so much!!!!
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    Love Evelyn. Very pretty - and I actually know 2 little girls with that name. They both go by the nn Evie - with a short "e" sound as opposed to eeeee-veee. It sounds more like Ev-Eee. I don't know if I did that right, sorry!

    I do know that one of the girls was considering Audrey instead of Evelyn.

    Otherwise, I think Giselle is too similar in sound to Jasmine to me. How about Juliet or Greta or Gretel?
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    Evelyn, Gisella and Catalina are all lovely. I wouldn't choose Isabel because it's awfully popular. Do you want an Hispanic middle name? I remember you were favouring Evelyn Rose recently.
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    Prefer Giselle, Catalina and Eva over Isabel and Evelyn.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I was favoring Evelyn Rose Good memory! I am not so sure about Rose now though- I had no idea how popular it had become.. Haha I was thinking it was a very unique middle name, found it otherwise!

    Evelyn I do like. But don't love. I think it's beautiful and maybe I could love it? I'm just not sure if it's perfect if that makes sense?

    As for middle names I don't mind where they're from if they sound good and fit

    This is sooooo hard! Hoping I decide before she's 3 years old!

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