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    Middle name help please!

    My husband and I prefer less common names and have chosen such for our children and then given them family middle names (Dashel Mark and Zosia Mikelle). I am expecting our 3rd and we are thinking that if it is a girl we will name her after my deceased mother Geanine and call her Gia. It was easy tacking Mark on to Dashel but I am struggling with a middle name by using the family name first. I don't want to go completely against our taste with something very common. The two other names that we love are Priya (and can't do Gia Priya!) and Sloane.

    Any suggestions would be so appreciated!!

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    To be clear, you want to use Geanine as a first even though its the family name? I'm confused.

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    Geanine Sloane sounds pretty good to me!

    I LOVE the name Zosia by the way! It was a runner up for us.
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    I think that using Geanine/Gia is really sweet.

    I think that since you are using a family name in the first name spot the middle name should be just based on what you love. Gia Priya doesn't really flow, but Gia Sloane is nicer.

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    Yes the given name would be Geanine ****** S........., but since she would be called Gia I would NOT want a middle name that rhymes with it. Geanine Sloane is the front runner now Thanks for your help!
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