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    opinions on Arria

    what do you think of that name ?
    i actually prefer this to aria but i still love Arya

    how this is pronounced ?
    how aria and arya pronounced ?
    also i need two middle names for Arria

    thanks in advance
    Currently unavailable.

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    If I saw this I'd say 'arry-a' not 'ah-ree-a'. I did some Googling. It appears to be a name used in Roman times and has roots in Latin and Armenian. If it's pronounced the way I think it is, I might prefer it to Aria.


    1. I'm definitely right about the first 'a'. It would only make the long 'ah' sound if it had an accent mark over the top. In this instance the flat, short 'a' is correct.

    2. Double letters should be pronounced separately. An Italian speaker would find this easy but I'm not sure how to make my English tongue do it.

    3. 'ia' is not a dipthong so both letters are pronounced by themselves. Therefore 'ee-a' is the most logical ending as saying 'ih-a' sounds daft and you'd need an accent mark over the 'i' for 'eye-a'.

    The pronunciation in Latin is: 'A-R/REE-A' (a like cat). Basically, I'm saying the first and last parts separately but right next to each other. < Listen to Heracleum saying 'serra' (greenhouse) in Italian. That's what I mean by the double 'r' being split in half. He seems to roll it too which is always funtimes.
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    The double rr in the name is what trips me up. In Spanish that rr would have to be trilled and it doesn't sound as melodic as Aria. It's impossible for me to explain how to say it in words.

    I think I prefer Aria.
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    Aria is my favourite, Arria isn't awful though. Arya is a completely different name to me.

    Aria is pronounced "Ah-ree-ah", with three syllables, and is an Italian word name.
    Arya is pronounced "Are-yuh", with two syllables and is an invented name.

    Aria Charlotte Rose was a combo I had on my own list for a while, perhaps you'd like it.
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    I prefer Aria to both Arria (which looks like a misspelling, even though its not) and Arya (which is far too close to the word Aryan for me).

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