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Thread: Regarding Liv

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    I teach a little girl who is just called Livia, her nickname is Liv or Livvy. I always thought it was darling.
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    I've yet to meet an Olivia who goes by Liv. They all use Olivia in full.

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    I know a girl named Livia and we call her Liv/Livvy

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    LOVE it. If you are okay with people sometimes asking if Olivia is her full name, I think you should go for it!

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    Liv is really intriguing, elegant and sweet. Liv feels spirited and care-free. Why don't you simply use Liv? In the UK nicknames are incredibly fashionable hence the craze of Alfie's, Ellie's, and Archie's. Using Liv you'd be following the trend but in a really cool unique way that wouldn't make the choice dated in years to comes which potentially the thousands of Ellie's could be, but simplistic and elegant. Liv feels lovely and vibrant. I really love Liv and I think you could potentially ruin the simplistic vibe and beauty of Liv by using her as a nickname for the popular Olivia and the dodgy variant Alivia. Go for it be brave and use Liv.

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