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    From your options, I like Cara Elise best.

    What about:

    June Elise
    Juliet Elise
    Ada Elise
    Clara Elise
    Audrey Elise

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    Thank you all so much for the suggestions!! There are several here that I haven't seen/considered before and I'm happy to finally have something new to discuss with the hubs (while he's great at shooting down my ideas, he doesn't ever come up with his own, so our conversations can be a little frustrating!!!). I have to say that, for my own list, Cara has been my favorite, but my one hang-up with it is pronunciation. We would use Care-uh vs Car-uh, but I'm hesitant to stick her with something that she will spend a lifetime correcting, whereas Jocelyn & Brooke are so much more straightforward. My daughter spends a lot of her time correcting people who call her Mya vs Mia and it drives her bananas. I'd hate to do that to 2 daughters :/.

    Jane used to be one of my most favorite names......and then I married someone with *literally* the most common name there is. She likely won't be stuck with a common last name forever, but its the equivalent of naming her Jane Doe, it'd be so common, which is a shame b/c I think its so lovely. Ruby isn't an option, either, unfortunately b/c the hubs has a grandmother named Ruby and we don't want to anchor this little girl to 2 relatives. Everything else is a terrific jumping off point for discussion tonight, though!!!

    Thank you

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    Cara and Mia are great together, but I'm not fond of Cara Elise as the vowels run together.
    Jocelyn Elise is a bit hissy, but pretty.

    Brooke Elise sounds well though. Mia and Brooke aren't bad together.

    I really like the suggestion of Claire Elise, it runs together a bit but not too badly.

    Renee Elise
    Paige Elise
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    Thanks Kala. That was a concern of mine with Jocelyn, too. I think that's why I'm still searching....they're all GOOD names, but I can find something wrong with each of them, although, that was true when we were naming our daughter 10 years ago and the second she was born, she looked so much like a Mia, we couldn't even remember the issues we had with it at the time. It was just her name and that was that. Hopefully this little girl will do me a huge favor and look like one of the names on our list, too! As for Paige & Renee, they're both taken up by people in my husband's family, so they're out of the running for us. He has an enormous, close-knit family, so this has been the case for a majority of the names we really like. Sigh....

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